Accepting Food, Clothing, & Monetary Donations

Recovery Mentor & Rehabilitation for People in Need

Change your life with a recovery mentor in Central Florida. Our organization has mentorships for people with disabilities or addictions that need guidance in their recovery journey. During this time, we love and help individuals carry on in God’s name, making the world more caring and inclusive. Eventually, the people we assist reintegrate into society and the workforce, feeling grateful for their rehabilitation.

Don’t hesitate to ask for support. Taking a step to recovery may be a challenge, but with our assistance and mentorships, individuals have significantly changed their lives. We are proud of their change and the new life they build after visiting our non-profit organization. Our organization considers the people hurting in the name of God, which is why we help people with disabilities and addictions. 

In addition to support and mentorship programs, our organization is involved in other ways in the community. For example, we set up voting campaigns and educate our community about current events. It is crucial to stay up to date on world events to understand how they affect us.

Charitable Contributions

We thank everyone for their donations to our non-profit organization. Every donation has a significant impact on the people that seek our help. We accept money, food, and clothing, as well as volunteers and other services. All support is appreciated and considered at Black Americans Fish for Real Truth. Contact us today to help our community.